Managed IT Services

From fully manged IT services to our amazing lightly managed environment service, we can keep your IT systems working without worry for a predictable or fixed fee. Offering full monitoring, maintenance, help-desk and security services.

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System Support and Configuration

Complete remote and onsite support and configuration of servers, desktops, VoIP solutions and more. From minor upgrades and fixes to full implementations and configurations O'RourkeTech has you covered now and in the future.

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Networking Experts

Get your business connected with complete networking services. LAN, WAN & Everything in between. Clean professional installation and configuration of cables, patch panels, routers, switches, firewalls and more. Let us keep you connected to the digital world.

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Latest Blog Posts

Amazon Web Services Overview

Most people know Amazon as a great place to buy products online, and possibly to soon get a drone to fly to your front door. What many people outside of the tech world don’t know is that Amazon also hosts a great deal of the content on the web and has a myriad of services […]

Asterisk Adventure – Part 1

Asterisk Adventure goes back in time to detail my very first Asterisk Installation. I need to figure out how to handle the transition from the old-school system to a better one and I work for the cheapest organization in the history of the world so I have no budget. Luckily I had enough VoIP hard […]

Asterisk Adventure – The Prelude

I am going back pretty far into the past, but I want to tell the story here. Work has been using the same phone system for about a million years. The main part of it is an old Siemens Analog PBX that used to be interfaced with a PRI and has since been converted by […]

Configuring On-Demand Call Recording in Elastix

Took a little fussing to get On-Demand Call Recording to work in Elastix. This setup should be phone agnostic, but I am working with SNOM 320 phones (Elastix Certified), these phones send a silent SIP INFO command to Asterisk when a record button is pressed but would also work with any phone that supports DTMF […]


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