Managed Services

If you’re tired of your IT bill going up and down every month and feeling scared to open your invoice, then Managed IT services may be the right choice for you. After assessing your business, we’ll give you a flat rate per user fee that covers all of the upkeep a typical business needs. Manged services flips the IT vendor relationship on it’s head and puts your satisfaction first. Instead of hesitating to follow best practices and report issues, you’ll know that your reliable IT staff is just a ticket or call away from solving the issue within the specified budget. Your systems will run better, and the higher the up-time the more happy everyone is!

Managed IT Services

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We offer two tiers of managed services for users, Advanced Protection and Fully Managed

With Advanced Protection you reserve hours for remediation and support and you pay one low price per PC or MAC for all of the following:

  • Around the clock system monitoring for up-time, and system health
  • Updates and patched for the operating system and third party software
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransom-ware Protection with Monitoring and Remediation
  • Onsite and Cloud-Based Backup Included
  • Support portal and ticketing system with reporting
  • DNS Based Content Filtering with advanced Threat Protection
  • Software and Vendor Support

Fully Managed Services include everything in Advanced Protection with the exception that instead of reserving service hours you get:

  • Unlimited support and maintenance
  • Software and Vendor Representation

No matter your budget or need, we can craft a solution that helps you grow and control your ongoing IT costs.

Let us take a look at your environment and give you a custom quote.

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