Managed IT Services

From fully manged IT services to our amazing lightly managed environment service, we can keep your IT systems working without worry for a predictable or fixed fee. Offering full monitoring, maintenance, help-desk and security services.

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System Support and Configuration

Complete remote and onsite support and configuration of servers, desktops, VoIP solutions and more. From minor upgrades and fixes to full implementations and configurations O'RourkeTech has you covered now and in the future.

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Networking Experts

Get your business connected with complete networking services. LAN, WAN & Everything in between. Clean professional installation and configuration of cables, patch panels, routers, switches, firewalls and more. Let us keep you connected to the digital world.

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Latest Blog Posts

Using g.729 on Asterisk with SNOM Phone

The why:  Using g729 on Asterisk is a great option if you want to save bandwidth on a crappy WAN link, it will about double the amount of concurrent calls you can handle and still sound great. You’ll need to of course get the appropriately legally licensed codec and driver and either put the binary in […]

SipML5 WebRTC based SIP Integratin into HTML 5

The prospect of simply coding a SIP “Click To Call” type interface into your web site or App and having it just work on any advice is definitely still a dream presently. But if WebRTC and SipML5 continue to progress down their current paths, we may not be too far off. According to SipML5  This […]

Using Dell OpenManage on Centos

  I’m sure that Dell DVD that comes with the OS – Free server you bought from dell works great if you are using RHEL but if you want to use some sort of Centos distro like Elastix and want to monitor your server you are SOL until you do a little SSH. The Barebones […]


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