Configuring On-Demand Call Recording in Elastix

Took a little fussing to get On-Demand Call Recording to work in Elastix.

This setup should be phone agnostic, but I am working with SNOM 320 phones (Elastix Certified), these phones send a silent SIP INFO command to Asterisk when a record button is pressed but would also work with any phone that supports DTMF or similar SIP INFO with a configurable (non silent) default of “*1” on the dialpad.

Elastix places recorded calls into


There is a GUI option to change this default directory as well.

and by default records the files as .WAV

Once you have configured a user account in elastic and associated it with the extension the used can login to:


Provide credentials and then open the PBX tab and monitoring sub-tab to see the calls (don’t forget the handy dandy star shortcut to bookmark this location to the user’s home-screen.

 They can manage their recorded calls and download them, listen, etc.

In order to set up call recording you need to set it up for the extension in the PBX tab


 As well as in the feature codes tab if you want to use *1 or whatever you choose.


Now the tricky part is that you need to change the setting by hand and put “wW” in the Dialing Options on the PBX>General Settings Tab. This was not well-documented in the Gui but it only worked after doing this.

Now you are on your way to recording to your heart’s content!

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